Asbestos Removal Licensing in Brisbane – Your Contractors Checklist

Asbestos is one of the elements that causes a lot of harm to the human and animal life. Sometimes asbestos may result to one contracting terminal diseases such as cancer. For this reason, it is advisable that you should embark on the process of removing them immediately you realize that you roof has asbestos.

The process of asbestos removal is no for anyone. It requires a person who is an expert like in this field. It is advisable for that anyone who is not an expert in this field should not attempt to remove the asbestos because a little exposure to it may have devastating effects to the person and those around. The process of hiring an asbestos removal contractor should be taken with utmost care so as to ensure that you get professional services.

Asbestos Removal Licensing in Brisbane - Your Contractors Checklist

Here is the checklist that one should adhere to when hiring an asbestos removal contractor in Brisbane.

  • Check for licensing

Before hiring one, check to ensure whether the contractor is licensed or not. Ensure that you are shown their necessary license before they embark on the job. Licensing is necessary because it is a prove of the qualifications that the contractor has. In the field of asbestos removal in Brisbane, there are two type of licenses. One is the A-class license and the other is the B-class license. B-class license is a short term license that is obtained just in two days. It is meant for the laborers. Those with A-class license are experienced in the field and have a minimum of five years of experience. They have done a number of examinations and are well equipped to handle any kind of tasks related to asbestos removal. When hiring, ensure that you check the license so as to select the most suitable one.

To check what are the requirements for asbestos removal license, visit here

Asbestos Removal License

  • Evaluate the equipment used by the contractor

After evaluating the credentials of the contractor and even bending towards a particular contractor, you should now inspect the resources that the contactor has. You can get some other expert to help you do a thorough inspection on the equipment that the contractor is planning to use. Ensure that the contractor has an asbestos-removing vacuum cleaner. This is because this equipment is HEPA rated. The acronym HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The equipment should be in good condition so as to guarantee excellent job during asbestos removal.

  • Inquire for DOP Certification

It is advisable that you inquire from the contractor about the maintenance of asbestos vacuum cleaner. In Brisbane there are certifications that the equipment should have. One of them is the DOP certification. This certification stands for Dispersed Oil Particulate. Inquire whether the equipment has this certification. DOP certification ensures that asbestos vacuum cleaner has a properly functioning filter. A damages filter can be a big hazard because instead of it removing the asbestos fiber as it should, it would be releasing them into the house.

  • Check the insurance

Asbestos is harmful to human life hence extra cautionary measures need to be put in place when working on them. When choosing a contractor to work on your roof, it is advisable that you choose an insurance policy which will cater for the safety of both the contractor and the employee. You don’t want to be in an awkward situation where the contractor or the employee is injured during work and you don’t have the means to deal with the situation. For convenience, choose a contractor that is already insured . An insured contractor will be of importance when the employee is injured, when your property gets damaged during asbestos removal as you will be compensated and it also guards for the quality of the contractor as only highly qualified contractors are the ones who are insured.

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

  • Asses the character of the contractor

This will ensure that you hire a committed and well disciplined contractor. You can get to know them by inquiring from their employees and asking for referrals from their previous clients.

It may be hard to find a good asbestos removal contractor in Brisbane. This should not let you to allow some rogue contractor to work for you as the damage that will be done may be irreversible. Following the above checklist will help to get your asbestos removed in a perfect and safe way.

Relevant link:

You can watch the video where expert show you about Asbestos Abatement Procedure


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