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Asbestos Removal Licensing in Brisbane – Your Contractors Checklist

Asbestos is one of the elements that causes a lot of harm to the human and animal life. Sometimes asbestos may result to one contracting terminal diseases such as cancer. For this reason, it is advisable that you should embark on the process of removing them immediately you realize that you roof has asbestos.

The process of asbestos removal is no for anyone. It requires a person who is an expert like in this field. It is advisable for that anyone who is not an expert in this field should not attempt to remove the asbestos because a little exposure to it may have devastating effects to the person and those around. The process of hiring an asbestos removal contractor should be taken with utmost care so as to ensure that you get professional services.

Asbestos Removal Licensing in Brisbane - Your Contractors Checklist

Here is the checklist that one should adhere to when hiring an asbestos removal contractor in Brisbane.

  • Check for licensing

Before hiring one, check to ensure whether the contractor is licensed or not. Ensure that you are shown their necessary license before they embark on the job. Licensing is necessary because it is a prove of the qualifications that the contractor has. In the field of asbestos removal in Brisbane, there are two type of licenses. One is the A-class license and the other is the B-class license. B-class license is a short term license that is obtained just in two days. It is meant for the laborers. Those with A-class license are experienced in the field and have a minimum of five years of experience. They have done a number of examinations and are well equipped to handle any kind of tasks related to asbestos removal. When hiring, ensure that you check the license so as to select the most suitable one.

To check what are the requirements for asbestos removal license, visit here

Asbestos Removal License

  • Evaluate the equipment used by the contractor

After evaluating the credentials of the contractor and even bending towards a particular contractor, you should now inspect the resources that the contactor has. You can get some other expert to help you do a thorough inspection on the equipment that the contractor is planning to use. Ensure that the contractor has an asbestos-removing vacuum cleaner. This is because this equipment is HEPA rated. The acronym HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The equipment should be in good condition so as to guarantee excellent job during asbestos removal.

  • Inquire for DOP Certification

It is advisable that you inquire from the contractor about the maintenance of asbestos vacuum cleaner. In Brisbane there are certifications that the equipment should have. One of them is the DOP certification. This certification stands for Dispersed Oil Particulate. Inquire whether the equipment has this certification. DOP certification ensures that asbestos vacuum cleaner has a properly functioning filter. A damages filter can be a big hazard because instead of it removing the asbestos fiber as it should, it would be releasing them into the house.

  • Check the insurance

Asbestos is harmful to human life hence extra cautionary measures need to be put in place when working on them. When choosing a contractor to work on your roof, it is advisable that you choose an insurance policy which will cater for the safety of both the contractor and the employee. You don’t want to be in an awkward situation where the contractor or the employee is injured during work and you don’t have the means to deal with the situation. For convenience, choose a contractor that is already insured . An insured contractor will be of importance when the employee is injured, when your property gets damaged during asbestos removal as you will be compensated and it also guards for the quality of the contractor as only highly qualified contractors are the ones who are insured.

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

  • Asses the character of the contractor

This will ensure that you hire a committed and well disciplined contractor. You can get to know them by inquiring from their employees and asking for referrals from their previous clients.

It may be hard to find a good asbestos removal contractor in Brisbane. This should not let you to allow some rogue contractor to work for you as the damage that will be done may be irreversible. Following the above checklist will help to get your asbestos removed in a perfect and safe way.

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5 Expert Tips To Find A Asbestos Removal Company in Brisbane

Asbestos is a highly fibrous silicate material that is very heat-resistant. It is capable of being woven into fabrics and is commonly used for the manufacture of brake linings, insulating materials, cladding materials, fibro sheets, water pipes, guttering materials, fencing materials, roofing materials and fire-resistant materials. It is highly carcinogenic and forms a large part of homes that were constructed in Australia before 1980. Its use for construction purposes coupled with its importation has since been banned. For that reason, older homes are required to get rid of them.

asbestos removal brisbane

A number of Asbestos Removal Companies do exist in Brisbane, Australia – so much so that – potential clients do often get confused as to which one exactly suits their needs and requirements. The ensuing discussions shall seek to shed more light on the five main tips to use to identify the most suitable asbestos removal company like iAsbestos Removal Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia.

Licensing Requirements

The said company must be duly registered by the government of Queensland State. There are two categories of licenses namely: “Class A” and “Class B” respectively.

  • Class A holders are licensed to remove friable asbestos i.e. those that easily crumble and are hence very hazardous whereas
  • Class B holders are licensed to remove non-friable asbestos i.e. those that are way too compact and hence doesn’t easily crumble.

It is absolutely necessary that the asbestos removal company is duly licensed in order to safeguard potential clients against risks that are associated with negligence, incompetence and poor training given the fact that these core parameters are properly ascertained before the issue of the license. Moreover, insurance companies do not compensate victims in the event that the companies they contracted were not duly licensed.

The Quality of the Workforce

Being a very dangerous material, it is of utmost importance that the company that is contracted to remove asbestos has a team of well-trained and highly-skilled professionals who also have the necessary years of experience in the field of asbestos removal in order to eliminate the risks and dangers that are posed by asbestos. In general, an ideal asbestos removal company must be capable of:

  • Removing asbestos from walls, floors and roofs
  • Dismantling and disposing the frameworks of structures such as sheds
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Complete disposal of asbestos materials
  • Identifying the different types of asbestos in the home environment
  • Performing a risk assessment before the commencement of any work

The pricing regime

However high the quality of the services offered by the said asbestos removal companies are, whether they will eventually be contracted or not will ultimately boil down to the amount of money they charge for their services. The prices charged by the said companies generally depend on the following factors:

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

  • The distance between the company and the venue of the planned removal
  • Insurance costs
  • The scope of the work to be done i.e. removal, transportation, disposal e.t.c
  • Taxes
  • Health and Safety requirements
  • The general accessibility of the venue for the asbestos removal

In order to beat the system, it is advisable to conduct due diligence of several companies, usually three months in advance, before settling on the most appropriate.

Check the following video to more about Asbestos roof Replacement

Insurance Issues

The removal of asbestos, just like asbestos itself is a very hazardous task owing to the fact that asbestos is highly carcinogenic and if improperly handed, can indeed predispose those in close proximity to the risks of cancer. For that reason, it is necessary to take up insurance in order to guarantee indemnity in the unfortunate event of the occurrence of the said risks. The insurance has to primarily safeguard the workers and the third parties (general public) from the associated risks and dangers. Two options do exist:

  • Some contactors do provide a comprehensive pricing package that incorporates public liability and workers compensation insurance.
  • Others however, do leave it to the discretion of the client.

It is thus critical to check this one too before contracting the services of the asbestos removal company of choice.

Safety Concerns

The entire process of removal, transportation and the eventual disposal of asbestos is very dangerous. It is consequently necessary to see to it that the prospective company has the wherewithal to perform all the associated tasks with utmost safety. The company must thus:

  • Strictly abide by the laid-down safety requirements
  • Be duly licensed
  • Must abide by the applicable health requirements
  • Have the correct asbestos disposal equipment and strategies

Asbestos sample in Brisbane

As can be deduced from the foregoing discussions, the choosing of the right asbestos removal company is a very meticulous process that involves the consideration of so many factors. There is no short cut though, since any negligence in the said process can have very far reaching implications and consequences.

Preparing Your Home For Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

Asbestos removal comes with equal measure of health risk. As such, initial clearing of the work area is an integral part of the job. Below is what to do in preparing your home for asbestos removal in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Indicating areas where asbestos are to be removed
  • Indoor general preparations
  • Outdoor general preparation
  • Waste containment and disposal preparations
  • Legal conformity issues preparation

asbestos removals brisbane

Indicating areas where asbestos are to be removed

The individual removing asbestos must clearly indicate areas where asbestos is to be removed. Signs need to be placed to indicate the places to be worked on until the task if fully completed and clearance to occupy permission is granted. This should also indicate inaccessible and hidden areas that have asbestos and should be removed.

Indoor General Preparations

All movable items must be inspected for contamination and removed from the contaminated area. Such items include; Indoor furniture, toy, clothing, books, bottles, fridges, cocking ware, personal effects and electrical fixtures. This is an important part of preparation especially if the furniture covering is made of porous material which can be easily contaminated. Should an item be suspected of contamination then, it must be cleaned first by;

  • Wet wiping it or
  • Vacuuming it

asbestos removal brisbane

Incase the item can’t be cleaned, then it must be disposed off together with asbestos waste.
It’s equally important to build an indoor contaminated area to ensure that asbestos fibers aren’t released to the atmosphere. Building such a place isn’t a child’s play thing but, with professionals it’s a straight forward and simple assignment.

Basically, what needs to be done is to thoroughly cover all non-contaminated areas as well as surfaces with heavy polythene paper and then, seal with duct tape. Asbestos removal is a health risk affair as airborne asbestos fiber can contaminate the areas thus, exposing the workers to severe health conditions. It’s common to find asbestos fiber in dusty horizontal surface like shelving, floor and window seals. Asbestos fiber can as well be found on cracked or porous surfaces. A provision of an air lock must be made which is the space between the remainder of an apartment and the contaminated area. Its main function of an air lock is to enable the site workers to remove and dispose off protective garments when retiring from the job or leaving the site.

Outdoor General Preparations

asbestos removal brisbane

  • This involves limiting access by installing barricades, displaying signs and building containment areas leading outside the site. These measures are to curtail access to asbestos removal work site, in addition to helping in traffic control. Warning signs must also be erected to warn and inform the neighborhood of asbestos removal work. These signs need to be placed at all the entry points to the work site. The signs should be made of weatherproof and light weight materials and must be secured.
  • Building containment area leading outside the site is a little bit complicated but, with the help of an expert it can be done. The construction starts with building wooden frames. Plastic sheeting is then attached to these and is to be used for exiting the site.
  • Prior to this procedure, areas where critical barriers are to be placed should be cleared. This ensures that critical barrier remain in place till the project is completed. Remember, it’s very important to set the barriers as such work environment is often wet, humid and negatively pressurized.
  • Finally, identifying and managing hazardous spots where one can slip, trip and fall during the course of cleaning work is invariably important. Such a preparation may prevent injuries during the entire process of asbestos removal.

Asbestos waste containment and disposal preparations

This is a legal requirement in Brisbane city, Australia whose breach is severely punishable. There must be a preparation for containment of asbestos waste with containers labeled appropriately in accordance with GHS.

Legal conformity

Before embarking on the task of asbestos removal, all legal requirements pertaining to asbestos removal in Queensland State, Brisbane city, Australia must be fully met. Such requirements not only ensure that relevant fees are paid but also alert the authority of the task a head. The Queensland state department responsible for asbestos removal with then helps by ensuring that all safety measures are observed. They are able to do this as they will send their offices who will be on ground prior to asbestos removal, during the removal process till disposal of waste for the sole purpose of clearance inspection.

Asbestos removal carry unimaginable measure of health risks and as such, should be entrusted to a qualified professional of iAsbestos Removal Brisbane. Don’t gamble with the lives of your loved ones when it comes to preparing your home for asbestos removal in Brisbane, Australia.

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Professional Advice on How to Find An Asbestos Removal Company in Brisbane

It’s not surprising that the dangers of asbestos are real and a threat to human life, both in Australia and all across the globe. That’s why it’s highly advisable that you don’t handle the dangerous material on your own if you’re not skilled in this area.

However, at the end of the day, you still need to live in a safe environment, free from asbestos, and this calls for hiring someone proficient enough to deal with the menace.

In relation to that, this article will offer professional advice on how to find an asbestos removal company in Brisbane with the right skills and qualification for the job at hand. You see, you don’t just hire any Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along with a price quote. Instead, you need to hire someone who is qualified and will guarantee absolute safety where asbestos exposure is concerned.

iAsbestos Removal Brisbane

Experts Asbestos Removals, Testing / Analysis and Disposals

Overview of the Chemical Asbestos and What the Right Professional can do for You

Asbestos is a toxic and potentially dangerous mineral which exists naturally across the globe. In one day, we breath an approximate of 10,000 particles of asbestos. However, this is not sufficient enough to wreck havoc on our health.

However, when we breath it excessively, beyond that quantity and over an extended period of time, it’s likely to cause lung cancer and mesothelioma (which is a cancerous growth in the mesothelium lining in your lungs). It is also likely to cause cancer in the abdominal cavity.

And in most cases, property owners, when building their structures, ignore the fact that asbestos could be present. So the only way to ascertain the truth is by hiring an asbestos removal company to examine the material under the microscope for any traces of asbestos.

An asbestos removal company in Brisbane like may be able to carry out the following duties when hired:

  • Test the air quality before and after
  • Carry out all types of asbestos removal
  • Carry out Inspection
  • Safely dump the hazardous material after removal


There are lots of asbestos removal companies you can find on directories like Yellow pages, or anywhere else on the web. However, you still need to narrow down your search to the most relevant and qualified.

Here’s What To Look for When Hiring These Companies

Asbestos Removal Contractor in Brisbane

  • Are they registered With The Relevant Authority in Australia?

The law has it that you should only hire an asbestos removal company that has been registered for the job they do. The company in question should be able to show you the relevant documentation of the governing body they are registered with.

If they produce a letter or any other document that shows they are in good standing with the relevant authority, then it’s a good sign that they are taking safety seriously, and you should just consider working with them.

  • What Level of Training do they Have?

The project manager of the team should have completed the relevant training that certifies them to handle moderate to high risk asbestos removal tasks.

Furthermore, their workers must have completed an asbestos awareness training that also includes safe removal procedures. Documents that certify this should be readily available in an on-site safety binder for you to see.

  • Who will Be Working on Your Premises, and Do they Have Any Criminal Record?

Trust is important especially when working with someone for the first time. In line with this, you could ask the contractor whether or not their employees undergo background criminal checks before getting hired.

  • Air Sampling Completed on a Daily Basis?

In most cases, air sampling is done during the removal stage. If possible, results of this sampling should be made available in 24 hours.

Now, the first type of sample often required is occupational sample. This sample is very important as it ensures that the workers doing the job are adequately protected.

The second type is called a clean room sample. This is a sample that is very crucial when the project is considered high risk. This sample ensures that there are no asbestos particles leaving the room and getting into other work areas or living room. Lastly, the third type of air sample is called air clearance, and is very essential at the end of a high-risk project.

These are samples that must be taken and tested to ensure that the rooms are safe for re-entry once again. The samples in question should be examined by a certified lab.

  • Evidence that Your Premise is Safe

At the end of the job, most asbestos removal companies will provide you with some type of certification to show that you are now safe. This certificate should show the date in which the company removed asbestos, and that it was done by a professional.

Asbestos sample in Brisbane

  • Experience and Quotation

The more they are experienced, the more they tend to charge higher prices. But this does not mean that you should try saving by seeking the services of someone who entered the industry just the other day. In fact, most of the asbestos removal companies will state the number of years they’ve been into business – this should give you greater confidence.

Again, asbestos removal companies who have existed for a long time will have liability coverage for both their staff and the customer they are working for – just in case something goes wrong, the insurance company can take care of the rest.

And if they’ve been into business for a considerable period of time, you should check what their clients are saying about them. If you can personally speak to any of their clients about their experience with the company, the better it will be for you since you’ll be able to gauge their professionalism and also how well they can do what they say they can do.

       Lastly, the rule of thumb still holds – that you should check the directories and pick at least 3 contractors you think you can work with. You can them interview them and narrow down your list according to what you can afford to pay. And when you have any friends or relatives who have used this service before, it would be a good complement too – because it makes your search efforts easier.

If you need more help or tips to find an Asbestos removal company in your city, search on

Asbestos Roof Removal – Why Is It Important To Get Asbestos Roof Removed

Asbestos Roof Removal Brisbane

asbestos roof removals

Prior to the identification of health risks associated with asbestos, it was one of the most commonly used materials for roofing and walls. Asbestos was commonly mixed with other materials to form a strong compound which was heat resistant and also offered excellent insulation. This is the reason for presence of asbestos compounds in a lot of houses in Australia.

Asbestos shingles pose a big health risk. The biggest risk is that these fibers are not visible to the naked eye. Once an asbestos shingle is broken, these individual fibers mix in the air and reach human lungs through air we breathe. These fibers may result in many health complications that also include lung cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to get the asbestos roof replaced as soon as possible. Health risks associated with asbestos include:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung Cancer
  • Asbestosis
  • Gastrointestinal cancers
  • Shortness of breath

It is also to be noted that the projected life of asbestos shingles is 40 to 50 years. However, this does not mean that these are going to last that long. High temperature variation, storms, heavy rains and other extreme weather variables negatively affect the life of these shingles. It is therefore recommended to get these replaced as soon as possible.

Asbestos identification is also not possible with naked eye. It was permanently banned in Australia in the mid-80s. If your house was constructed prior to 1984, there is a huge possibility that it used asbestos in some form. To be sure about the presence of asbestos, it is recommended to utilize the services of a professional who is licensed to identify it. Separate licenses are issued by the government to identify and remove asbestos roof.

A qualified professional will take a sample to a lab and then look for the presence of these fibers under the microscope. It is important to note that these can only be seen under the microscope and cannot be seen by naked eye.

Hiring a Professional to Remove Asbestos Roof

asbestos removal experts

First of all, it is required by the government regulations to hire the services of a professional to remove and replace asbestos roof. There are separate classes of licenses issued by government to qualified professionals that make them eligible to remove certain type of asbestos.

Due to the health risks associated with asbestos, these professionals need to undergo specific training before being granted a license. In Australia there are many licensed companies to use, if you are in Queensland contact iAsbestos Removal Brisbane as they have a solid reputation and great reviews. These professionals have a lot of experience and understand the risks associated with unsafe removal of asbestos. Therefore, these professionals take care to thoroughly clean the roof and to ensure that all of the asbestos fibers are safely remove and there is absolutely nothing in the air that can be a health concern.

Checking Reviews

You should definitely check reviews of a contractor before signing a contract with them to replace your roof. Most of the professional companies should be happy to provide you past references. It is also important to talk to these past references to get an idea of their experience of working with these contractors.

Also enquire about the access to equipment for removal of asbestos roof. Most of the times, contractors need access to industrial vacuums and other specialized machinery to ensure complete removal of asbestos.

Asbestos Roof Removal Process

asbestos roof removal advice
The asbestos roof removal process starts with spraying of roof with PVA glue. This glue encapsulates the fibers and ensures that minimal amount of fibers is released into the air on removal of sheets. Then the sheets are removed carefully and wrapped in plastic. Ceiling is then vacuumed with industrial vacuums to ensure that asbestos fibers are removed completely.

Asbestos roof removal has become a big business in recent years. Therefore, a lot of companies have jumped into the fray and use misleading tactics to get customers. Some of the companies use unethical fear tactics to get customers.

It is important to keep the following points in mind before finalizing a roofing contractor:

  • Adequate insurance
  • Great past experience
  • Written quotes
  • Adequate licensing
  • Specialized equipment
  • Proper certification
  • Excellent reviews

There are many contractors in Northside Brisbane suburbs such as Grange, Lutwyche, Chermside, Chermside West, Deagon, Nudgee Beach, Carseldine, Stafford, Windsor, Nudgee, Gordon Park, Sandgate, Brisbane Airport, Mitchelton,Keperra, Nundah, Ascot, Fitzgibbon, Pinkenba, Aspley, Bald Hills, Wooloowin, Bracken Ridge, Albion, Hendra, Wavell Heights, Taigum, Clayfield, Geebung, McDowall, Banyo, Virginia, Northgate, Gaythorne, Myrtletown, Newmarket, Eagle Farm, Alderley, Boondall, Stafford Heights, Everton Park, Hamilton, Bridgeman Downs, Shorncliffe, Wilston, Brighton, Kedron.

In addition to the above, you should also check trade membership of the contract. Almost all of the reputed contractors are member of the local trade association. There are a number of such trade associations in the State of Queensland and therefore, you should be able to easily check their membership. However, if a contractor is not a member of such an association, there is a chance that they are either new or do not fulfill the criteria of being a member.

Roof Enhances Property Value

It is important to keep in mind that roof is not just for protection but also plays a very important role in the overall look of your house. It won’t be wrong to say that a nice looking roof can add lots of value to the property. Also, a properly done roof will not require maintenance at regular intervals and will save a lot of money in the long run.

Cost Should Not Be The Only Factor

Some people make the mistake of hiring a contractor on the basis of cost alone. Cost should not be the only factor for deciding. In fact, it is a good idea to get quotes from multiple contractors to ascertain the average cost of asbestos roof removal in Brisbane. You should discard a contractor who gives you a quote that is much higher than the average or much lower than the average.


Most of the contractors who quote less than average, usually try to cut corners and save money on things which may cost you much more money in the long run. They may use low quality material and may not take adequate precautions while removing the roof. Therefore, you should choose a contractor based on the factors listed above and not just cost.

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