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Professional Advice on How to Find An Asbestos Removal Company in Brisbane

It’s not surprising that the dangers of asbestos are real and a threat to human life, both in Australia and all across the globe. That’s why it’s highly advisable that you don’t handle the dangerous material on your own if you’re not skilled in this area.

However, at the end of the day, you still need to live in a safe environment, free from asbestos, and this calls for hiring someone proficient enough to deal with the menace.

In relation to that, this article will offer professional advice on how to find an asbestos removal company in Brisbane with the right skills and qualification for the job at hand. You see, you don’t just hire any Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along with a price quote. Instead, you need to hire someone who is qualified and will guarantee absolute safety where asbestos exposure is concerned.

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Overview of the Chemical Asbestos and What the Right Professional can do for You

Asbestos is a toxic and potentially dangerous mineral which exists naturally across the globe. In one day, we breath an approximate of 10,000 particles of asbestos. However, this is not sufficient enough to wreck havoc on our health.

However, when we breath it excessively, beyond that quantity and over an extended period of time, it’s likely to cause lung cancer and mesothelioma (which is a cancerous growth in the mesothelium lining in your lungs). It is also likely to cause cancer in the abdominal cavity.

And in most cases, property owners, when building their structures, ignore the fact that asbestos could be present. So the only way to ascertain the truth is by hiring an asbestos removal company to examine the material under the microscope for any traces of asbestos.

An asbestos removal company in Brisbane like iasbestosremovalbrisbane.com.au may be able to carry out the following duties when hired:

  • Test the air quality before and after
  • Carry out all types of asbestos removal
  • Carry out Inspection
  • Safely dump the hazardous material after removal


There are lots of asbestos removal companies you can find on directories like Yellow pages, or anywhere else on the web. However, you still need to narrow down your search to the most relevant and qualified.

Here’s What To Look for When Hiring These Companies

Asbestos Removal Contractor in Brisbane

  • Are they registered With The Relevant Authority in Australia?

The law has it that you should only hire an asbestos removal company that has been registered for the job they do. The company in question should be able to show you the relevant documentation of the governing body they are registered with.

If they produce a letter or any other document that shows they are in good standing with the relevant authority, then it’s a good sign that they are taking safety seriously, and you should just consider working with them.

  • What Level of Training do they Have?

The project manager of the team should have completed the relevant training that certifies them to handle moderate to high risk asbestos removal tasks.

Furthermore, their workers must have completed an asbestos awareness training that also includes safe removal procedures. Documents that certify this should be readily available in an on-site safety binder for you to see.

  • Who will Be Working on Your Premises, and Do they Have Any Criminal Record?

Trust is important especially when working with someone for the first time. In line with this, you could ask the contractor whether or not their employees undergo background criminal checks before getting hired.

  • Air Sampling Completed on a Daily Basis?

In most cases, air sampling is done during the removal stage. If possible, results of this sampling should be made available in 24 hours.

Now, the first type of sample often required is occupational sample. This sample is very important as it ensures that the workers doing the job are adequately protected.

The second type is called a clean room sample. This is a sample that is very crucial when the project is considered high risk. This sample ensures that there are no asbestos particles leaving the room and getting into other work areas or living room. Lastly, the third type of air sample is called air clearance, and is very essential at the end of a high-risk project.

These are samples that must be taken and tested to ensure that the rooms are safe for re-entry once again. The samples in question should be examined by a certified lab.

  • Evidence that Your Premise is Safe

At the end of the job, most asbestos removal companies will provide you with some type of certification to show that you are now safe. This certificate should show the date in which the company removed asbestos, and that it was done by a professional.

Asbestos sample in Brisbane

  • Experience and Quotation

The more they are experienced, the more they tend to charge higher prices. But this does not mean that you should try saving by seeking the services of someone who entered the industry just the other day. In fact, most of the asbestos removal companies will state the number of years they’ve been into business – this should give you greater confidence.

Again, asbestos removal companies who have existed for a long time will have liability coverage for both their staff and the customer they are working for – just in case something goes wrong, the insurance company can take care of the rest.

And if they’ve been into business for a considerable period of time, you should check what their clients are saying about them. If you can personally speak to any of their clients about their experience with the company, the better it will be for you since you’ll be able to gauge their professionalism and also how well they can do what they say they can do.

       Lastly, the rule of thumb still holds – that you should check the directories and pick at least 3 contractors you think you can work with. You can them interview them and narrow down your list according to what you can afford to pay. And when you have any friends or relatives who have used this service before, it would be a good complement too – because it makes your search efforts easier.

If you need more help or tips to find an Asbestos removal company in your city, search on Google.com.au