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Preparing Your Home For Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

Asbestos removal comes with equal measure of health risk. As such, initial clearing of the work area is an integral part of the job. Below is what to do in preparing your home for asbestos removal in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Indicating areas where asbestos are to be removed
  • Indoor general preparations
  • Outdoor general preparation
  • Waste containment and disposal preparations
  • Legal conformity issues preparation

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Indicating areas where asbestos are to be removed

The individual removing asbestos must clearly indicate areas where asbestos is to be removed. Signs need to be placed to indicate the places to be worked on until the task if fully completed and clearance to occupy permission is granted. This should also indicate inaccessible and hidden areas that have asbestos and should be removed.

Indoor General Preparations

All movable items must be inspected for contamination and removed from the contaminated area. Such items include; Indoor furniture, toy, clothing, books, bottles, fridges, cocking ware, personal effects and electrical fixtures. This is an important part of preparation especially if the furniture covering is made of porous material which can be easily contaminated. Should an item be suspected of contamination then, it must be cleaned first by;

  • Wet wiping it or
  • Vacuuming it

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Incase the item can’t be cleaned, then it must be disposed off together with asbestos waste.
It’s equally important to build an indoor contaminated area to ensure that asbestos fibers aren’t released to the atmosphere. Building such a place isn’t a child’s play thing but, with professionals it’s a straight forward and simple assignment.

Basically, what needs to be done is to thoroughly cover all non-contaminated areas as well as surfaces with heavy polythene paper and then, seal with duct tape. Asbestos removal is a health risk affair as airborne asbestos fiber can contaminate the areas thus, exposing the workers to severe health conditions. It’s common to find asbestos fiber in dusty horizontal surface like shelving, floor and window seals. Asbestos fiber can as well be found on cracked or porous surfaces. A provision of an air lock must be made which is the space between the remainder of an apartment and the contaminated area. Its main function of an air lock is to enable the site workers to remove and dispose off protective garments when retiring from the job or leaving the site.

Outdoor General Preparations

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  • This involves limiting access by installing barricades, displaying signs and building containment areas leading outside the site. These measures are to curtail access to asbestos removal work site, in addition to helping in traffic control. Warning signs must also be erected to warn and inform the neighborhood of asbestos removal work. These signs need to be placed at all the entry points to the work site. The signs should be made of weatherproof and light weight materials and must be secured.
  • Building containment area leading outside the site is a little bit complicated but, with the help of an expert it can be done. The construction starts with building wooden frames. Plastic sheeting is then attached to these and is to be used for exiting the site.
  • Prior to this procedure, areas where critical barriers are to be placed should be cleared. This ensures that critical barrier remain in place till the project is completed. Remember, it’s very important to set the barriers as such work environment is often wet, humid and negatively pressurized.
  • Finally, identifying and managing hazardous spots where one can slip, trip and fall during the course of cleaning work is invariably important. Such a preparation may prevent injuries during the entire process of asbestos removal.

Asbestos waste containment and disposal preparations

This is a legal requirement in Brisbane city, Australia whose breach is severely punishable. There must be a preparation for containment of asbestos waste with containers labeled appropriately in accordance with GHS.

Legal conformity

Before embarking on the task of asbestos removal, all legal requirements pertaining to asbestos removal in Queensland State, Brisbane city, Australia must be fully met. Such requirements not only ensure that relevant fees are paid but also alert the authority of the task a head. The Queensland state department responsible for asbestos removal with then helps by ensuring that all safety measures are observed. They are able to do this as they will send their offices who will be on ground prior to asbestos removal, during the removal process till disposal of waste for the sole purpose of clearance inspection.

Asbestos removal carry unimaginable measure of health risks and as such, should be entrusted to a qualified professional of iAsbestos Removal Brisbane. Don’t gamble with the lives of your loved ones when it comes to preparing your home for asbestos removal in Brisbane, Australia.

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